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Features for Vendors

Simple and easy to setup store.

WhatsApp Orders

Receive orders on WhatsApp. While submitting the order, the customer will have the button to submit orders via WhatsApp.

Store Front Colors

Match the colors of your brand by having the option from the admin to choose your colors for the store front.

Location Map

The store can display a location map on the store page. It can be achieved simply by adding latitude and longitude.

QR Code

The store generates a unique QR code for each store, which is downloadable and printable, so quick store access is possible.

SEO and Analytics

The SEO and Google Analytics settings are available for the vendor so he can put in the SEO metadata and Google Analytics code.


Having an option to add the address can display the address on the store.

Multiple Languages available

Vendor can choose the default language for their store.

Payment Gateways

The user can pay for the order using leading payment gateways.

Demo Stores and Shops built on this service.

While you can create your own shop to see the demo, here are some links you can explore.

Demo packages you can customize these plans as per your need.



4 Menu Categories
15 Menu Items


$10.00 USD
$100.00 USD


8 Menu Categories
25 Menu Items


$20.00 USD
$199.00 USD


Unlimited Menu Categories
Unlimited Menu Items

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